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Search about faq news drugs tools report to fda infliximab and pouchitis this page shows results related to infliximab and pouchitis from the fda adverse event reporting system (aers). The adverse event pouchitis has been reported to the fda a total of 31 times for infliximab. Learn more about infliximab adverse events safety comparison of pouchitis in infliximab and related drugs the proportional reporting ratio (prr) for infliximab and pouchitis is 86. The chart below compares this proportional reporting ratio of pouchitis for drugs used in similar therapies to infliximab. The higher the proportional reporting ratio is, the more likely a drug is associated with pouchitis. Pouchitis infliximab 50 note: the prr metric is still in beta testing by drugcite and is intended for use by researchers only. People reporting pouchitis used infliximab for the following reasons of those reporting pouchitis, why were they taking infliximab? Colitis ulcerative 14 inflammatory bowel disease 3 crohns disease 2 drug dependence 2 colitis 1 medications with the adverse event pouchitis which medications reported to the fda are most commonly associated with pouchitis? Accutane 604 remicade 49 humira 30 infliximab 21 infliximab, recombinant 9 cimzia 8 allegra d 24 hour 6 cyclosporine 6 mercaptopurine 5 mesalamine 4 levofloxacin 4 show more vioxx 4 avastin 4 amnesteem 4 enbrel 3 prednisone 3 ribavirin 3 bay 43-9006 (sorafenib) 3 peg-intron 3 clarithromycin 2 loperamide 2 rebif 2 fexofenadine hydrochloride/pseudoep... 2 azathioprine 2 sotret 2 clarith 2 sulfasalazine 2 golimumab 2 lamisil 2 arixtra 1 infliximab, (infliximab, recombinan... 1 claravis 1 infliximab (infliximab, recombinant... 1 adalimumab 1 excedrin (migraine) 1 prograf 1 previscan 1 corticosteroids () unknown 1 probiotic formulation (vsl no. 3) u... 1 mercaptopurine (mercaptopurine) 1 bay 43-9006(sorafenib) 1 warfarin sodium 1 probiotic formulation (vsl no. 3) (... 1 prednisone tab 1 flagyl 1 infliximab (infliximab) 1 corticosteroids unknown 1 scientific publications on pouchitis powered by google search about faq disclaimer news drugs tools report to fda search about faq disclaimer news drugs tools report to fda copyright 2012 drugcite. cheap viagra viagra for sale viagra in australia for sale buy viagra online cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra viagra discount buy generic viagra viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription Rol/lipids colonoscopy common cold copd cough cramps cystic fibrosis dental health dermatitis diabetes mellitus diarrhea/constipation diverticular disease dysgeusia dyslexia emphysema enuresis (bed wetting. Dan is a professional acrobat and funny dude who has successfully avoided real work since 1981. After a two year tour he ran away FROM the Ringling Brothers Circus and can say from personal experience that the little car all those clowns come piling out of is crowded! He has since performed his own brand of physical comedy and ill-advised acrobatics all over the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan. Since 1993 he has been performing a solid tour of renaissance festivals as "Daniel Duke of Danger". Dan is a graduate of the Ringling Bros. Clown College, has studied at the world-renown Ecole Nationale de Cirque in Montreal, and has learned to clean fish from his neighbor Jack down in Key West.

What they've said about Dan

"Jesus Christ, you're going to kill yourself!"

"Couldn't you get a real job?"

"That was great! Could I borrow ten bucks?"

"You got a real good act."

- Dan's father

- Dan's mother

- Dan's brother

- Ray, the old homeless guy who hangs around Fanueil Hall a lot.

What they've written about Dan

"...very funny....irresistible...."

"...highly agreeable...especially like-able..."

"...an unusual character..."


- Le Journal de Quebec

- The Edmonton Journal

- Equinox Magazine

- The Christian Science Monitor
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